Energy Information Services
FirstPoint Energy Information Service (EIS) allows access to daily consumption meter data via the Internet. Meter data is acquired via FirstPoint's Energy Information Center's communication with on-site data recorders and meters. Then posted daily for customers to access via a secure connection to the Internet.


FirstPoint EIS provides the following features:
. Access Consumption Meter Data via the Internet
. Review Meter Data Using Our Graphical Tool Set
. Meter Data is Delivered Daily
. Read Virtually Any Meter: Electric water or gas - even sub meters
. Conduct load research, load management and line distribution
. Access a standardized process for turning energy/water data into        actionable information
. Use FirstPoint EIS for these specific functions:
. Manage facility operations on a timely basis
. Identify consumption errors or excesses
. Optimize sub loads such as Chillers, HVAC within facilities
. Track and Bill sub tenants

There's No software to install, FirstPoint EIS uses your standard IE Browser.
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