Data Acquisition Services
FirstPoint's Data Acquisition Service provides a flexible solution without a large investment.

FirstPoint acquires data using in-house technology and communication with data recorders and metering systems. Then, provides this data (and/or FTP's the data) in the specified format to the requested location for customer pickup.


FirstPoint's Data Acquisition Service is perfect for:
. Direct Access Markets
. Regulated Markets especially California and Pennsylvania
FirstPoint's Data Acquisition Service provides:
. Interval Data Delivered Daily
. Automated FTP and export of data to specified customer locations
. Flexible File output - CMEP, EDI and ASCII exports
. VEE (Validation, Editing and Estimation) of interval data for Billing Quality Data
. Meter Data that meets the market needs of ESP, UDC, Sch. Coordinator and others…
. A Genuinely Cost Effective Service to meet the new market and regulatory demands.
. . . . .