Compass: Integration
Painless Integration for You and Your Customers

Compass has made integration efficient and effective by developing a far-reaching integration application. Compass uses this "smart integration" to map legacy system data into as many destinations as you need. Virtually any legacy system can be efficiently integrated with FirstPoint's Compass and placed into production almost out of the box.

Link Compass with:
• Other Departments
• Customer Information Systems
• Vendors
• Legacy Systems
• New Technologies
• Outsource Service Providers
• Billing Engines
. . Satisfy departments, partners, etc. with the ability to produce data in virtually any format
. Meet regulatory requirements for billing data without the internal development costs
. Reduce countless man-hours of merging and converging data into various formats.
. Eliminate the integration costs associated with adding meter polling systems.

Gone are the days of patching, hoping and re-mapping. Compass automatically performs these operations without numerous employees and systems merging and converging meter data. Compass is your once source for meter data management.

Discover how Compass is Good For Business:
Overview - to answer general questions.
Flexible - for your specific needs.
Painless - to integrate into your existing legacy and operational systems.
Economical - to implement and quickly yields optimum value.

. . . . .