Compass: Flexible for Business
Compass makes your data flexible and secure
. Provides a secure method of transmission and data management
. Support for multiple head-in systems
. Output to the formats you choose
. Produces billing quality data (Validated, Edited and Estimated - VEE)
. Long-Term archive your meter data in one place
. Custom development available

What's Your Challenge?
Compass exports meter data in ways internal and external clients and partners can use. The Compass data format methodology is enormously flexible and adaptable to your current and future needs:

Growth Customer Information Systems Metering Technologies
Mergers Direct Access Partnering
Acquisitions New Products/Services Billing Engine
Deregulation Data Requirements Marketing/Brokering/Sales  
. As your organization grows, changes, and new customers and partners are acquired, service them all with a flexible means of data transmission in the format they choose. Automatically exported to the location of your choice, on a schedule you set.

Flexibility means you can use multiple vendors Compass accepts meter data from the following and can be customized to accept information from other sources

. Compass AMR Compatibility .






Custom Input




Discover how Compass is Good For Business:
Overview - to answer general questions.
Flexible - for your specific needs.
Painless - to integrate into your existing legacy and operational systems.
Economical - to implement and quickly yields optimum value.

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