Compass: Economical Solutions
Proven Reliable and Accurate.
FirstPoint's Compass makes Good Business Sense.

Acquire secure access to the information you need to make critical decisions. Compass data format methodology is amazingly flexible and adaptable to your current and future needs:

Growth Customer Information Systems Metering Technologies
Mergers Direct Access Partnering
Acquisitions New Products/Services Billing Engine
Engineering Marketing/Brokering/Sales Sales
Scheduling Forecasting Deregulation Data Requirements
As your organization grows, changes, and new customers and partners are acquired, service them all with a flexible means of data transmission in the format they choose. Data is automatically exported to the location of your choice, on a schedule you set.

Economical, out of the box integration in about 3-5 months

Build It or Buy It
"We know the details of the requirements your organization faces…existing systems will not provide the data streams necessary to satisfy regulatory and other obligations." 

There really are only two choices:
"you can build a system or you can buy it."
Amos Tsikayi
V.P. FirstPoint Information Systems and Compass Integration Director

Build It
FirstPoint has invested over 4 years, 40,000 man-hours and $4 million in developing this advanced system. In order to satisfy all requirements of data transmission, it was necessary to involve the history of the industry, constant regulatory adjustment, customer requirements, business model variations, etc. We are a company built from the ground up with extensive utility industry proficiency and experience.

Buy It
Why incur the time, expense and learning curves associated with in-house development, when for a fraction of the time and cost, Compass can be up and running at your site in about 3 - 5 months. Your total satisfaction is our pledge.

Download: doc Build vs. Buy Costs

. A proven pre-developed product
Less burden on resources than internal development
• Cost
• Man-Power
• Learning Curves
• Time

Vested interest
• FirstPoint's Data Acquisition Service business is dependent on continued operational superiority

A time tested operation
• Constant operation for over 4 years
• Upgraded as necessary
• Designed by industry experts specifically for the unique requirements of utilities
• Database engineering makes operation and integration concise
• Industry experience - Focus is utility specific.

Business decisions are less risky
Data path issues are resolved for:
• Billing changes
• Metering options
• Smooth integration with existing systems
• Outsourcing is now a viable option
• Data requirements of mergers and acquisitions are less overwhelming

Remote integration abilities
• One or two on-site technicians

Ongoing support and application updates

Custom development

Discover how Compass is Good For Business:
Overview - to answer general questions.
Flexible - for your specific needs.
Painless - to integrate into your existing legacy and operational systems.
Economical - to implement and quickly yields optimum value.

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