Compass Overview
Compass can make your data valuable to everyone in your organization…
Multiple streams of data enter your system on a regular basis, each in a different format and for a specific need. Value is gained and information becomes profitable when it is accessible to everyone who can make use of what it reveals. How? Click Here. (requires Adobe Acrobat)

What is Compass?
FirstPoint's Compass is a clearinghouse for your meter data information.
Compass translates meter data into actionable information your organization and your customers can use to make intelligent Utility decisions.

Re-invent the Wheel?
With Compass, there is no need to burden your IT department (or shareholders) with a large development project that may take years to complete. Compass is the single storehouse for your meter and consumption information and can help solve the data transmission problems your organization faces.
Our developers are experienced utility professionals who understand your obstacles and are able to guide you in successful design and implementation.
Combine Compass with FirstPoint's Energy Information System (EIS) for greater flexibility and functionality. This powerful combination provides your organization and customers with an information system that enables easy access to utility consumption data, and functionality that enhances their ability to make critical decisions.

Click Here to view a typical utility application for Compass.

Discover how Compass is Good For Business:
Flexible - for your specific needs.
Painless - to integrate into your existing legacy and operational systems.
Economical - to implement and quickly yields optimum value.

.   Compass Benefits .
. Multiple input capabilities
. Validates, Edits and Estimates
. Single data repository
. Multiple output streams
. Routing data is straight forward
. Scalable to 2 - 3 million points
. . . . .