Automated Metering Services

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FirstPoint Energy Corp. provides the Utility Industry with exceptional solutions in energy data collection and management. FirstPoint's Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system, including the TdS-2 and TdS-4M Data Recorder hardware and TDMā„¢ software, is developed and manufactured by the Company. The system is highly regarded and selected industry-wide for:

Exceptional Interface Flexibility

Accurate & Reliable Combined Data Acquisition/Delivery Software and Services

Verifiable Billing Data that is used to Directly Generate Utility Statements.

Unmatched Cost-Effectiveness.
With FirstPoint's AMR Technology, Electric, Gas and Water Utilities and their Customers discover they can:

Rely on accurate, timely, and verifiable meter readings.

Capture data from hard-to-read or emote meters on virtually any schedule

Access any meter -- electric, water or gas -- anytime

Submeter office space, gated communities or apartment buildings

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