Data Recorders : TDS-2
TDS-2 Telemetry Interface Unit (TIU) is an advanced data recording device designed to communicate and deliver interval data to FirstPoint's AMR System. Low cost universal 2-port TIU with extensive data logging; power outage and independent port/meter tamper capability. Reads electric, gas or water meters and any combination of encoded or pulse output meters automatically, intervals of 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes and daily.

The TDS-2's use of battery-supplied power is ideal for the water and gas utility industries. Electric utilities and commercial and industrial applications will use its extended memory storage of interval data (see chart) to track consumption to a fine resolution for load profiling. Its universal meter compatibility makes it ideal for system cost sharing in all multi-utility applications.

See PDF for more information on the advantages of choosing a TDS-2 to fit your needs:

Encoder Meters
Pulse Meters
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Operating Environment
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