Teldata Manager 5.0
TDM 5.0 turns data into actionable energy information

TDM software efficiently manages customer information and is a reliable and proven AMR System package. TDM 5.0 is a economical alternative geared toward smaller scale AMR needs. If your systems are running on Microsoft Windows operating systems and you are on a limited budget, TDM 5.0 is the AMR software for you.

See PDF for more information on the advantages of choosing a TDS-2 to fit your needs:

Accurate Readings - Interval meter readings are retrieved via TDM providing accurate data for energy monitoring and billing.
Detailed Graphs - Consumption and summary graphing of accounts down to one-hour intervals allow accurate understanding of customer accounts.
Scalable - your data can integrate with other databases with our auto-exportt feature. Exporting data on demand to the file type you set.
Email Alerts - Get notified immediately of power failures and meter tampering. When notified, the host system generates an email alert that can be sent to any text compatible phone, PDA, pager or email account.
CSR Enabled - Get monthly consumption data graphs all in one place. Customer service representatives can quickly pull an account, print it and present it to customers detailing their account usage to expedite settlement.

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