About Us
FirstPoint Energy delivers power and purpose to your DATA!
We are commitmented is to transform energy, water and natural gas consumption data into cost and resource savings for our customers. Our Purpose is to that ensure profitability and energy efficiency by providing services that allow you to accurately manage and bill all of your accounts. to Customers FirstPoint's customized energy management software delivers valuable interval data while providing reliable information for project evaluation.

FirstPoint allows you and your customers to:
. Increase cash flow
. Reduce energy/water consumption and operating costs while increasing productivity
. Providing businesses with the capability to measure actual costs and profit/loss
. Improve energy efficiencies through demand-reduction programs
. Conduct load research, load management and line distribution
. Access a standardized process for turning energy/water data into actionable information

FirstPoint believes stand-alone products are no longer effective in fragmented and dynamic markets.

Only an integrated platform that leverages the speed, reach and interconnectivity of the Internet can effectively provide the solutions that our Customers tell us they need.


We maximize the energy and cost-savings potential for our utility, commercial, industrial and government customers. By combining our established brand hardware products with enterprise-wide data acquisition and management software, and our staff's expertise, we deliver end-to-end solutions.

From the corporate headquarters in Portland, Oregon, FirstPoint runs the development, engineering and manufacturing of its COMPASS/Data Management Warehouse, DAS/Data Acquisition Services, EIS/Energy Information Services, and AMR/Automated Meter Reading.
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